Storytelling engages people

and colors their perception of everything that follows.

There’s power in good storytelling.

Is there power in yours?

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Marketing Consulting for the Small Business Owner

People. Buy. Stories.

Features?  They’re fine to talk about. But people buy stories. They’re moved by stories.  If your story engages them, they’ll stick around long enough to learn about your features.  But NOT vise versa!!

Succeeding Together

I don’t ride in on a white horse and save the day.  We’ll do this together.  But, together, we’ll move forward faster and with fewer mistakes.

I Do Many Things

But it all starts with finding your story, that thing you can say that nobody else can.  I’m very good at getting the right people to your site, and even better at converting website visitors into leads or sales.  But it all starts with storytelling.

Why storytelling works…

Step inside

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